Table water

Table water Iceberg Water

Party Iceberg 0.5 L

Convenient packaging for everyday. Bring it with you everywhere- in your bag, bagpack or in your hand. And when you finish drinking it, fold the bottle and throw it into the yellow container.

12 pcs. in a stack / 114 pcs. stacks in a pallet

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Table water Iceberg Water

Party Iceberg 1.5 L

1.5 liter is almost all the water you need to drink for a day. Keep Party Iceberg 1.5 liter table water on your desk and in the car so you do not forget to drink water and feel good.

6 pcs. in a stack / 84 pcs. stacks in a pallet

Table water Iceberg Water

Party Iceberg 10 л

Удобната разфасовка от 10 литра трапезна вода Party Iceberg е практичен избор за диспенсъра в офиса. Подменянето на по-леката туба е лесно, бързо и удобно, за да разполага екипът винаги със свежа вода.

Table water Iceberg Water

Party Iceberg 19 L

Table water Party Iceberg is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. The water is harmless when consumed in unlimited quantities, which makes it excellent choice for the office dispenser. For better hydrated, energetic and productive colleagues.

36 pcs. in a pallet

Chemical composition

Indicators in Table Water Party Iceberg

pH 7.16
Al <20.0 μg/l
NH4+ 0.028 mg/l
Fe+ 7μg/l
Mn+ <10.0 μg/l
F- 0.13 mg/l
Cl- 10.5 mg/l

* Certificate of accreditation No. 223 LI / 28.04.2017, valid until 28.04.2021, issued by EA BAS according to the requirements of standard BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 Test report No 2665 / 15.01.2018 .