100% recycling and safety of bottles

In addition to being safe, the PET plastic used for Party Iceberg bottles can be recycled to 100% and used in many different industries.
Some of the applications that have recycled PET plastic:
Textiles: clothes, carpets, bedding and pillows
Building materials: insulation, flooring
Automotive industry: plastic, seat padding, baby seats
Furniture: chairs, bins, benches
Containers, packaging and food containers
Plastics are all around us and while some plastics are environmentally friendly and safe, others contain harmful chemicals or cause dangerous contamination during production. Iceberg Water bottles are made of plastic PET1 (Polyethylene terephthalate or nylon) and this makes them not only eco but also safe for disposable use.
Recycle together
Discard the plastic bottles in the yellow containers by first crushing them to reduce the volume.